Congress finally put a deal together to avert a debt crisis and end the shutdown, but did they accomplish anything? Nope. All they did was kick the can down the road.

We still have no budget, and haven't in 6 years, which is why this is a constant battle in DC. The deal reached yesterday means that in January and February, we will have this same battle all over again and very likely another shutdown.

Sadly, we are the ones stuck in the middle of this greedy cycle. How were you affected by this shutdown and how will you prepare for the next one?

One obvious tip to remember for the next time is to try, hard as it may be, to get a money stash together in case you are an employee who doesn't get paid during shutdowns. Also, don't plan a vacation to a federal tourist site in January or February.

I hope you weren't affected badly and you won't be in the future. There is always hope. Share how you were affected on Twitter and Facebook. Use #whaleshutdown