I don't golf, but I would love to own a golf cart.
Does that sound strange?
Maybe, but I have my reasons.

A own (ok, the bank owns - I just make monthly payments) a travel trailer, parked at a seasonal campground where most of the campers have their own golf cart to get around camp.
I have an old bike that can be a challenge going up steep inclines.
Or maybe it's not the bike as it is me, a bit out of shape trying to peddle up inclines that really aren't that steep?
Probably the latter.

Anyway, back to the golf cart.
I found one that is actually better than the traditional golf cart - a hovercraft golf cart.
You read that right.
This baby glides across everything, including water.
I would be able to get to the camp store in half the time, as I skate right across the lake in one of these babies.
Although the campground owners probably wouldn't see it as being a good idea.
Oh, well, it's a cool thought anyway.
This thing is for real - check out the video!