I have spent many an hour trying to figure out the perfect playlist. Now granted, this would depend on the situation and also the people in the particular situation.

Obviously, it is harder to make a playlist for more than one people who don't always like the same music. I have just now decided to make different playlists by music genres. Why I did not think of this before is beyond me but for some unknown reason, I didn't.

Now if people come over and we just want to hang out, I will put on either my rock, jam or funk playlist. If dancing is what the evening entails- Top 40 and hip hop playlists will be on. This is so simple, yet I am so proud. How do you make your playlists? Is it just your favorite songs? Do you put your whole ipod on shuffle? (Which in case you were wonder I can't do because not only do I have so many different kinds of music on my ipod but I also have audio books.)