My husband, Tom, got invited to take a road trip to the legendary "Hawk's Nest" this weekend. he had heard about this scenic spot just outside of Port Jervis, but had never been.


This is a great trip to take with buddies. Plan on being gone all day! Tom's group stopped at a haunted Inn along the way for lunch. He can't remember the name, but I will find out.

Tom Kelly

Route 97 is a winding beautiful part of the " Upper Delaware Scenic Byway" system of roads. The destination, the Hawk's Nest, was named that because of the many hawks that make their home there.

Tom Kelly

You don't need a planned ride to have a great time on your bike. Grab some friends, enjoy the road and nature too. Here's a map of the route thanks to

I can't stress enough how windy the route is, so you must be on guard the entire time. It is breathtaking as well and with the leaves changing, even better.