There are lots of opinions on this movie franchise.
Some like it, some think it's just stupid.
For me, I like it.
It's one of those movies where I check what's left of my brain at the door, and let the movie entertain me while munching down on a (hopefully) fresh bag of popcorn.

I love to escape the world through movies, so I'm not as critical as some would be.
As for The Hangover series, I personally liked the first over the second, maybe because the original had a cool concept of beginning near the end, and you're trying to figure out what the hell happened.
The second basically repeated the first with different situations.

As for the 3rd movie, I viewed the trailer, but I'm not quite sure what the movie is about.
Is it also a repeat of the other 2?
Check out the video and make your own determination.

Yea, I'll go see it.
The leading characters are funny, and of course Heather Graham is back, and she's hot!
Reason enough to watch.