When I was a kid, Halloween was my favorite day. I got to dress up in my costume for school, be part of our school costume parade and even eat candy there.

But, that wasn't my favorite part. Is was great to be sure, but nothing beat trick or treating!
We knew so many people in town, that after my Dad took us around the neighborhood, he then packed us into the car and took us to several houses farther away. Talk about a haul! My Dad dressed up too, which always got us more candy. It was worth the embarrassment.

These days, being an adult and having no kids, I am fairly out of touch with the whole ritual.
Last year was the first time in several that I actually turned on the lights and welcomed the throng of trick or treaters here in Pennsylvania.

In our editorial meeting this morning, I mentioned that we don't necessarily hold trick or treat ON Halloween here in PA. Apparently, that shocked my co-workers. Tanya, from Wild 104, said "here in New York we always trick or treat on Halloween!"

Well, I actually don't mind it being beforehand. And think about all the kids in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. They will be trick or treating in.........November!

As long as the spirit is in it, the day doesn't matter. In PA, many of those communities that scheduled it for Sunday or Monday, will actually be trick or treating on the same day as New York's kids. Level playing field.

Let's make tomorrow special for the kids. If you turn off the lights and let Halloween go by as a general rule, go out, buy candy and turn those lights on. Go ahead. It's fun.

There's nothing like seeing children in costume have pure fun.

Oh, and get the good candy. You know, the candy you buy that's on sale for the purpose of Halloween but you scarf down yourself. There's still time.

It's a time to really celebrate. Not only is it Halloween, but we dodged a major weather bullet. And now that I've told you Halloween is when the kids will be out, you can't say you didn't know!

Happy Halloween!