This was a big snow week for friends to the south of us and boy did they prove it on social media. As I was barraged by photos, I began to think we need to have rules.

Seeing all those pics of Facebook made me think of friends that invite you over to look at vacation pictures. You want to jump out the window, but can't! There are some pictures I just never want to see again and I am guessing I'm not the only one. To avoid being cheesy, follow these rules:


**I'd like to thank all my friends on Facebook for sharing their pics!**

  • 1

    No grills!

    I've seen enough snow covered grills to last a lifetime. Shouldn't they be in the garage or shed anyway?

    Ellie Fields
  • 2

    No more furniture pics!

    Yes, we get how deep the snow is! How about showing us where it is in relation to your child or dog? That is cooler. Even a yard stick is better. Isn't that furniture supposed to be inside and toasty warm?

    Sara Kelly Price
  • 3

    No picnic table pics without a ton of snow

    I will admit that picnic tables are a decent way to illustrate how much snow you really got, but to avoid being cheesy, only take the shot when there is a bunch of snow. 6" isn't enough.

    Kathy Drahos
  • 4

    Kids are great in snow shots

    Everyone loves a cute kid! And what better way to brag about your offspring and show off your snow totals? No one will notice the furniture neglect!

    Michele Amabile Angermiller
  • 5

    Snow angels rock

    Anytime you have a kid making a snow angel in a picture it is social media gold! The only thing better is a dog or cat.

    Marie Biggs
  • 6

    Snowmen are timeless!

    You can't see enough snowmen on social media. No two are alike and some are downright creative! Go for it. Plus, the kids will love making it.

    Kari Zimmerman Cortwright
  • 7

    Sometimes rules don't apply

    It took me a while to figure out that there was a table under a huge pile of snow in this picture. If there are a few points of interest in the shot under a ton of snow, we can handle that!

    Bob Herman