Chuck Norris is 74!?!? How did that happen? We are talking about the man's man.

Yeah, Father Time is Norris' new nemesis, but do you think it slows him down? Hell no!

Here are some things that other 70-somethings do that Chuck Norris doesn't.

1. Visit the doctor. You know the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well chuck Norris keeps the doctor away! No one's giving him a prostate exam!

2. Let their kids take care of them. Chuck Norris did his own stunts, a little fall wouldn't hurt him. Chuck stands up alone.

3.Get up to pee all night long. If Chuck can control a 600 pound bear, he can control his own bladder. No Depends here.

4. Play golf. Chuck Norris has no time for golf. It involves walking, hitting a ball and socializing. Chuck would rather leap, roundhouse kick someone and then kick some more bad guy ass.

5. Like I can say Chuck Norris is like other 70 somethings? I don't think so! He'd kick my butt.

What have you got for the list?