I have recently been thinking about the way society acts. Particularly person to person. I find a general lack of respect for other human beings common in our society today and I don't think that's how it was meant to be.

This always leave me wondering, am I being too uptight? Am I too well mannered? Did my parent raise me right? (The answer to that one, I am sure is a yes). Do I take things too seriously?

Maybe yes and maybe no. I wouldn't say I'm an uptight person and I am pretty sure most people that know me would agree. For some reason, young people these days seem to feel it's okay to use each other. A great majority of them feel it's okay to be used as well. Should I apologize that I think this is perverse? Am I not living up to your standards or should I say lack thereof? Don't get me wrong, I am all for a good time, as long as respect is involved in some form of the other.

Next question. Well mannered. Yes, I do believe that in this day and age, I am probably too well mannered. I find that there are few people who were raised as my sister and I were. We were raised to say please, thank you, offer someone a beverage when they come to your house and bring something when you go to theirs. I expect a man to open the door for me if we are walking into a building together just as I would open the doors for an elderly person.

Did my parents raise me right? Yes, I think so. Since I probably can not analyze myself properly, I will look at my sister and what she has become. She is an amazing woman who went to college and obtained her master's degree. She works for a very successful company as an Aerospace Engineer and is engaged to a wonderful man in the same profession. Her fiance opens doors for her, always makes sure she is okay, buys her little gifts, always makes sure I am happy when we are all together as well. I am not saying she is perfect but she is well-mannered, values family, she didn't settle, and she has a very successful career. With that being said, I am proud to call her my sister and I am sure my parents, in fact I know my parents are proud they raised such a beautiful amazing young lady.

Last question: Do I take life too seriously? Well, I suppose this all depends on the situation. I joke around a lot. And I mean a lot. If you are reading this article, well then you have probably heard my radio show so you already know that side of me.However, about the things that truly matter in life, yes I am serious about them. I am an extremely loyal person, this is due in part to how I was raised, how I expect to be treated as I treat others and probably a little bit because my zodiac sign Leo. I think you have to know when to take things seriously and when not to. I take my friendships, my family, and if I had one, my significant other seriously. I take my career and my health seriously as well. Pick what matters to you, know when to compromise in life and when to hold your ground.

I am by no means anywhere close to perfect but I do believe in values. What do you think. Am I crazy?