Happy 50th to the Buffalo Chicken Wing!

We have all eaten them, bad as they are for our diet,
If you like them hot like me, or medium, mild, garlic, barbecued, etc.
Anyway they are sooo freekin good!

50 years ago the Anchor Bar, a Buffalo Tavern created and served the first chickens wings when owner Teressa Bellissimo whipped up a snack upon request from her bartender son Dominic. She cut up some large chicken wings and deep fried them and served the chicken wings in hot sauce with blue cheese dressing and some celery on the side, wow a favorite that has stayed true to its origins, even right down to the celery.

Join me in celebrating the brith of the Chicken Wing with a dozen today or this weekend, don't make me feel like I'm eating alone! Oh and wash them down with a few cold ones!!!.