I am having so much fun with guest co-host week on the show! Big Wally is off this week, so I thought it would be cool to get community celebs and smart guys to come in and fill the spot.

Today was Connor Gates from the B-Mets. Connor was born and raised here and was a pleasure to chat with. Of course, it meant I got to talk about my favorite sport...baseball. I love being in an area that has a sports team. Not many cities can say that. And here, we've had some greats pass through like David Wright, Sandi Alomar Jr, and Steve Swisher. Who knows what future Major Leaguer we can brag about "knowing when?"

The B-Mets kick off the season on April 11th, but before that have a Welcome Back B-Mets dinner on April 2.  Don't miss the fun and great experience of  rooting for a local team. Get info on anything B-Mets right here.

And more about Connor. He is the guy that rides a horse and tosses hotdogs to fans in the bleachers between select innings at the home games. Yes, that's him in the pic doing his job. How cool is that? In his spare time, he is an actor/singer and performs with EPAC. Thank you again to Connor Gates and the B-Mets for helping me out!