I will completely admit that I don't watch hockey. I can never see the puck on TV and there is too much fighting. But since I spent time in New England as a child, I do know a thing or two about the sport. It didn't hurt that I grew up outside of Philly either!

So, here is my "non-hockey fan" list of the coolest hockey players ever.

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  • 1

    Gordie Howe

    He was THE sports figure in New England when I was a kid. Forget other sports, this was the biggest name uttered. Hall of Famer and trend setter, Howe is still the top of the heap. The Hartford Whalers haven't existed in years, but that doesn't matter!

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  • 2

    Wayne Gretzky

    Gretzky has been called the greatest hockey player ever. I just remember all the girls thinking how cute he was! Besides all his records, he turned girls on to the sport. The teams where he created most of his magic were the Edmonton Oilers and LA Kings.

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  • 3

    Bobby Orr

    I remember Orr being the guy that started the trend of high paid athletes. He was the highest paid rookie in his era. A big feat since rookies are fairly untested. High pay in 1966? trendsetter!

    Orr was best known as a Boston Bruin.

    Jared Wickerham
  • 4

    Ron Hextall

    I heard Ronnie Hextall's name more than my own while he was a Philadelphia Flyer! He is the Flyers all time win leader with 240. Impressive for sure!

    Again, he was a chick magnet, too.

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  • 5

    Martin Brodeur

    Before you boo and hiss, Brodeur may have played his entire 21 year career for the NJ devils, but he was damn good.

    Some of his records include:

    • Most regular season wins: 676
    • Most regular season shutouts: 124
    • Most regular season losses: 381
    • Most playoff shutouts: 24


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