50 Shades of Grey was the soft porn book of the decade and now it has earned another honor. Turns out the book has inspired a rash of embarrassing moments for London Fire Departments. Now the departments are sharing so they can stop the madness!

I always though Brits were prudish, but at the rate they are going to completely reverse that notion.

According to London Fire Departments, calls to help release couples from handcuffs have quadrupled. So far 79 couples have been rescued this year alone. And getting private parts stuck in household items has jumped drastically too. I just want to know one thing: why is that a turn on? Or maybe I don't.

With all these "accidents" going on over on the other side of the Atlantic, I wonder if you ever had an embarrassing moment like these?  Hmmm.  Luckily, our polls are anonymous, so tell me!