School Delays as a Kid
I used to love listening to the radio to hear that our school had a snow day. Read to see what one thing used to tick me off when it came to snow days as a kid.
Only 74 More Days Until Spring
Are you tired of winter already? I can't wait to get back outside and golf. Hell, I can't wait to go outside without the cold making my face hurt. 74 more days.
The Abandoned City
Today, as I ran out to get lunch, I noticed there weren't many people walking the streets of Binghamton. Here are my thoughts as to why that is. See the photos.
Horrible Day for a Parade
Hundreds braved the rain to enjoy the Columbus Day Parade down Main St. in Binghamton. I'm sure with nicer weather, there would have been more spectators.
What a Difference a Week Makes
The last two Saturdays, I have gone to the Mansfield University football games. The weather was different this week. And, Franco Harris was there. Here's why.
Dog Days of Summer?
I loved the weather today. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cool. No humidity is always a plus. This is what I'm doing on this beautiful summer evening.
I Finally Cut My Grass
With all the rain we have had so far this summer it's been hard to keep up with the yard work. I finally found a few hours without rain to get the job done.
Rain Rain Go Away
The Binghamton Rain Festival has been in full swing for a while now. The rain has cancelled my golf, Rumble Ponies games & more, but I think it could be worse.

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