Strange But True

Another Guy Steals a Sex Doll
For the second time this year, I had a Strange But True story about a guy breaking into an adult store and making off with a life-size sex doll. See pics here.
Black Friday Madness
I had a Strange But True story this morning about a woman who snapped on Black Friday while working at a store and beat her co-worker with a barcode scanner.
Driver-Less Shuttle in Crash
I know airplanes have 'autopilot mode' but there are people in the cockpit that can resume control if need be. Self-driving cars and shuttles on the other hand
Strangest Treats for Halloween
Remember some of the weird treats you would get on Halloween like a toothbrush? Here are some of the things I got as well as a list of the strangest things ever
Sorry I Tried to Bite You
Strange But True Story from Monday about a woman that tried to bite a cop, then apologized with something the cop could sink his teeth into.
Mom Leaves Kids, Goes to Germany
A woman left her four kids behind and flew to Germany for Oktoberfest. Here's the story as well as info on our Oktoberfest. You can bring the kids to ours.
Strange But True from This Morning
Every morning I look for Strange But True stories to tell on the air. Here are two from this morning; "The Drunk Driver", and "The Inmate That Was Almost Free".