Tuesday Night at the Ballpark
The only thing hotter than the temperature last night, were the Rumble Ponies Bats in Game 2. I went to the game and enjoyed a new sandwich while I was there.
Price of Pizza
Last night I ordered a pizza and wings for dinner and was blown away at the cost. Did I miss the press release about the great pizza ingredient shortage?
Vegetables, Yea or Nay?
Getting your kids to eat their veggies could be tough. Researchers have come up with a simple trick that might get them to give vegetables a try.
National Donut Day 6/2
Tomorrow is National Donut Day! It's a day to eat donuts and enjoy these yummy fried treats. But how did the day come about? It's an interesting story.
Road Trip for Pizza?
Binghamton has it's fair share of great pizza places. I wish one of them would copy this pizza place from Portland Oregon and use 101 different cheeses.
Easter Dinner, MMMMM
Thanksgiving dinner is the best, but Easter dinner is right behind it. From ham and kielbassa to a bunch of stuff I can't pronounce, I can't wait to dig in on Easter afternoon. Do you know what this stuff is?
Binghamton Restaurant Week Ends Tomorrow
You have today and tomorrow to take part in this year’s Spring Restaurant Week here in Binghamton. So far, my wife and I have gone out three times. So far we’ve dined at The Lost Dog, Little Venice, and Thai Time. There are so many great choices and only so many days to enjoy them...

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