How Many Dinners?
If you only go to one Thanksgiving dinner, you are the minority. I used to go to at least two different dinners on Thanksgiving, now I just pig out at one.
What’s Your Guess?
Oreo Cookies mystery flavor is on store shelves now. If you can guess the flavor, it could win you 50 grand. We had some at work today, it's hard to pinpoint it
Food of Oktoberfest
We got to sample some of the awesome food that will be served at Parlor City Oktoberfest and it was awesome. Here's everything that's going on Saturday.
Turkey in a Bucket
Check out this unique way of cooking a turkey. It's great for camping or even just for Thanksgiving. You can have a fully cooked turkey in under two hours.
Food at the State Fair
When it comes to food, are you adventurous or are you more cautious and order food you know you will like? Check out some food at the Texas State Fair.
Tuesday Night at the Ballpark
The only thing hotter than the temperature last night, were the Rumble Ponies Bats in Game 2. I went to the game and enjoyed a new sandwich while I was there.
Price of Pizza
Last night I ordered a pizza and wings for dinner and was blown away at the cost. Did I miss the press release about the great pizza ingredient shortage?
Vegetables, Yea or Nay?
Getting your kids to eat their veggies could be tough. Researchers have come up with a simple trick that might get them to give vegetables a try.

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