Downtown Binghamton

The Abandoned City
Today, as I ran out to get lunch, I noticed there weren't many people walking the streets of Binghamton. Here are my thoughts as to why that is. See the photos.
LUMA Wins Award
The LUMA Projection Arts Festival won the Community Advocate of the Year award on Tuesday. I think this is a much-deserved award and here is why.
Luma Festival Friday
This Friday Night was the annual Luma Festival in Downtown Binghamton. My wife and I went down to check it out. Here is his review as well as pictures.
Streets Closed in Binghamton Today
It's a little tricky getting around Downtown Binghamton today. A lot of streets have been closed off for the Luma Festival tonight. Find out which roads here.
Luma Festival Friday Night
The Luma Festival is this Friday Night in Downtown Binghamton. It's free event and you will be blown away by it. See for yourself, check out the video here.
Something’s Missing
Another walking bridge has been taken down in Binghamton. This one used to help with crowds going to and leaving the arena. Here is my take.
Don’t Ask Me I Don’t Know
I thought I knew Downtown Binghamton pretty well. But I guess not. I've had people ask me where stuff is and I find myself clueless. Check it out.

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