So What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

I am taking a survey as to who hit it outta the park, and who died on the vine.

So let the nomination process begin!


Everybody has their favorites and their least favorites. On Wednesday we will compile a list of the top ten Super Bowl Commercials, and let you vote for them.


What were the best and the worst Super Bowl Commercials this year? I have my favorites but I will not jade you or sway your vote! So start adding them to this blog in the comment section. If your vote is added to the Facebook comment section, it will not count. It has to be on this web site.


Most everyone has a smartphone, and you can nominate your favorite commercials using that magical little device. And please share this blog with all your Facebook friends.. So Let's get started!


And just in case you didn't see ALL THE COMMERCIALS.....