Everyone can just have a regular old Super Bowl party but you don't want to be just everyone. You want to be spectacular! Here are some themed ideas for your Super Bowl Party this Sunday and if all else fails and you have no where to go, come to Madame Oar's with me from 5-7pm. Football, food, drinks, strippers- is there a better combination? I think not.

1) Divide the room and make one side 49ers colors and the other side Ravens colors. Guests will have to sit on whichever side of the room that their team colors are on.

2) Make your own Halftime performance. Janet Jackson anyone?

3) Have everyone wear throwback jerseys of their favorite players from the past.

4) Instead of just drinking, turn it into a game! When the enemy scores, you have to chug a beer or take a shot.

5) And my personal favorite, whoever comes in late to the party gets tackled as they walk into the door!