The 29th annual is in the books and it was a huge success. The rain streak continued, but it only rained a tiny bit each day, certainly not enough to hamper any activities.

You came out in droves to see Night Ranger put on an insanely great show Friday night. They played their hits and those of the Damn Yankees and even Ozzy's Crazy Train.

The balloon launches were well attended with most of them taking place and the food was awesome! Chobani even showed up with samples for the crowds.

Sunday, was the much anticipated Spiedie Cooking Contest with me and Traci Taylor from 98.1 The Hawk teaming up. An unexpected trip to the ER for Traci scratched her, so I enlisted the help of a listener. Kathy Drahos was happy to step in with only 15 minutes notice! Luckily, she cooked spiedies before.

We got to the contest area and found that we were placed next to Kelly and Perry from WBNG.  The two Syracuse alums went all out for their school. Even the marinade was orange laced!

Lee Ann Taylor

Kathy and I got everything set and thought we were going to win. Cocky for our first try, but I can dream can't I?

Lee Ann Taylor

We were both impressed by the Little Bo Peep set up in the "real" contestant area. She won in the lamb category, by the way.

Lee Ann Taylor

All in all, we had a great time. We also learned what not to do next year. I was told to stay traditional and not to worry about decorations. Um, yeah. I think we were given misinformation! We lost. Coming in third were our WBNG friends Kelly and Perry. Fox 40 came in second and WBNG's Hayley Burton and Matt Porter came in first.

Next year, we win. I have the theme and we are going to go all out! That crown will be ours!

Lee Ann Taylor
Kathy Drahos