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Foghat is bringing their electric show to Spiedie Fest for us on Friday, so I thought I would read up on them a little. What I dug up included some interesting nuggets of info.

Yes, that does mean I am sharing them!

1. Everyone knows they are a band from Britain. What you may not know is, they (unlike most UK bands) have been much more popular here than in their homeland.

2. The band's name came from a nonsense word used in a childhood game by Dave Peverett and his brother.

3. Foghat's first live album is there biggest seller because of their killer stage show.

4. Foghat is one of the few rock bands who has never taken a break. They have either toured or recorded every year since their inception. This fact is amazing considering how many lineup changes they have made.

5. Rick Rubin convinced the band's original lineup to reunite in 1993. "Return of the Boogie Men" came out in '94 but without Rubin producing. He had too many irons in the fire already.

And now we all know! Get ready to ROCK on Friday night!