As you may have heard by now (including here), 46 year old actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman died of an apparent drug overdose this weekend.

According to accounts, a needle with heroin in it was still in his arm when his body was discovered. Now police believe that it is the same lethal heroin mix that has killed over 100 people in the Northeast.

The heroin in this particular "cocktail" is mixed with Fentanyl, which makes the mixture much, much more potent than even morphine. The reaction of the body to it is the respiratory system shutting down and then death.

We are in the middle of a heroin battleground in the Southern Tier and that means that people right here could die from this drug mix. To be quite blunt, if you use; don't. If you know someone who does, get them help.

A friend of mine just celebrated 2 years of being clean after breaking her addiction to heroin. it is still a challenge to get through everyday, but she is doing it. Don't make excuses, for yourself or a person you know who is addicted, just get help.