Some of my fondest memories have been at Friendly's. There were those clam chowder and banana Fribble lunches with my Gram, going out with the high school marching band and trying to shove a Jim Dandy down my gullet after a football game and my second restaurant date with my husband Tom.

One time, before heading out to my family's summer home off the shore of Connecticut, I stopped at Friendly's for a quick sandwich at the counter. I struck up a cool conversation with a lovely woman and her husband. Turns out it was "The Sopranos" creator David Chase and his wife!

Many of you have created memories at Friendly's too, but sadly, 2 of the restaurants here will be closing. They were franchise run and the owners couldn't sustain the business. So, the Friendly's inside the Oakdale Mall and in Vestal will be closing tomorrow. Luckily, the Friendly Corporation bought the franchise's other locations or the news would be worse. The Front Street, Harry L. Drive and Endicott locations are safe and remain open.

Look for Friendly's remaining restaurants to get back to the roots we loved when growing up, too.  The plan is to simplify.

In case you are wondering about the 70 displaced employees, they will be offered positions in the other area restaurants.