I have often debated and argued with friends and co-workers as to what to call a soft drink.
It's divided between Soda, Pop and Coke.

You may think most of the country prefers Soda, but that's not the case.
Soda is the preferred reference in Upper Northeastern States, New England and most of the Southwest.
Interestingly, New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians are split between Soda and Pop, with the Central and Eastern part of each state preferring Soda, and the Western parts of each state calling a soft drink - Pop.

It's the Southern part of the country where you'll hear it referred to as a Coke.
I'm guessing it's because Coca-Cola's home base is in Atlanta.
When you're in the South, except for Florida, don't ask for Pop or Soda, unless you want a strange look from your server.

Where do I stand?
Well, I grew up in the Corning-Painted Post area, where soft drinks are called Pop.
Seems the line between Soda and Pop is drawn somewhere near Elmira if the map is correct.
You can see for yourself where the cola names lie at Gizmodo.com.
So, what do you call a soft drink?