Shark Week rocks. There are the hysterical "Snuffy the Seal" commercials, the attention getting campaigns on social media (well played Discovery!) and now, the viral Shark Week Drinking Games.

I have been fascinated with sharks since I saw "Jaws". Sadly, I am not a fan of swimming anymore!

You can tailor it any way you  want, but this is what I have dug up:

This is when you should take a drink, according to the original drinking game:

1.       If someone is referred to as a “shark expert” -- Take two sips

2.       Drink if a shark becomes airborne. --Continue drinking until it’s back in the water

3.       If someone speaks with an Australian accent-- Take one sip

4.       If anyone gives advice on how to survive a shark attack --Take two sips

5.       When the “Jaws” theme music is played -- Take three sips

6.       If a shark attack is re-enacted -- Take two sips

7.       If someone dies -- Finish your drink in their honor

8.       If anyone gets submerged in a steel cage -- Take three sips

9.       If a shark is caught or trapped -- Take two sips

Shark Week airs all this week on the Discovery Channel.