I love sleep. It's your body's way of recharging and without it, you are open to getting sick. A lot. When I was sick as a kid, my Mom kept me in bed to rest and sleep. I must admit, I got better quicker.

I have been battling a cold for almost a month now. Since they are viral you can take all the medicine you want and it won't cure you. They only help ease your symptoms. I had enough yesterday. I have to get better! So I returned to the one trick in my arsenal that is more effective than anything. Sleep.

And did I sleep! I woke up twice, but other than that I slept for almost 21 hours. I also had my trusty vaporizer steaming away next to my bed. Oh yeah. I am feeling much better.

Is my therapy rooted in science or is it just a "Mom" thing? Well, according to WebMD, sleep goes a long way to helping you heal. More than most medicine. It has to be quality sleep, though. No distractions.

So, when you are sick this winter, don't forget the simplest remedy. Break out the jammies, teddy, your favorite pillow and sleep.