By Single Women Problems, I don't just necessarily mean single women. I mean the problems women have when they don't have a man around or when they are by themselves.

Ladies, you know that feeling when you have to leave work late, it's dark outside, people have been previously stabbed in the area you are walking in but hey, you just got buck up and walk to your car - single women problems.

I always have this notion in my head as I am walking to the car that in the event someone does attempt to attack me, I will round house kick them to the face or something spectacular like something out of one of the Underworld movies. It doesn't matter that I am not Kate Beckinsale, a stunt woman or a vampire in a latex suit.

Realistically of course, in the back of my mind, no matter how tough I think I am (which if you have meant me I tend to think I'm a lot tough than I may or may not be), I would probably not be prepared to roundhouse kick someone in the face even if I had the practice. With that being said, I carry my keys so one is sticking out inbetween my middle and ring finger. This way, I can potential jab at someone who attacks me.

Or you could just be way smarter than that and have pepper spray but in the event you don't have it, the key sword is the way to go in my opinion. With that, I leave you with the first edition of ...... Single Women Problemmmmmsssss!