As I said last week, this blog isn't really just about single women in terms of being in a relationship or not. It's about when we don't have a man around, you don't live with your man, or he is away.

I noticed my sink was starting to clog all week long last week. It would fill up halfway, and eventually drain over time so I wasn't too worried I couldn't get to the store until Friday to get draino. Then on Wednesday night, it wouldn't drain at all. I had to resort to brushing my teeth in the bathtub or the kitchen sink. That was fun - not.

I had a friend over Thursday night and had to inform them: "Uh, yea. If you use the bathroom, you'll notice that you can't really wash your hands in there. Sorry!" Of course the friend being a male, though this even more funny.

Trust me, there are definitely a lot of perks to living by yourself but sometimes, when you don't have that extra hour, minute, second, it's nice to have someone else to be able to run to the store and take care of something for you. Single women problemssss!