I live in a house with apartments in it and we have fuses. For those of you that are too young and have never experienced what a fuse is, it is what people had before they had breaker boxes. Therefore, if my power goes out or a trip a circuit, I can't just go flip a switch.

I have to go down to the basement, look at the four fuses to my apartment, try to decipher which one of them blew, take it out and replace it with a new fuse and hope I picked the right one. I am not totally incapable of doing this but I prefer not to do it if I have a man around.

A couple weeks ago I blew a fuse and also just happened to have the night off. I asked a couple guy friends if they wanted to go out and said I would drive. We go out and start drinking, then I mention I need them to change my fuse. Clever Holly brings them back to my house for a drink and makes them change my fuse. One of them was smart enough to figure out what I had done but hey, when you are a single girl, you have to think fast! Single woman problemsssss!