One of the main reasons it would be, shall we say, convenient for me to have a boyfriend is for the simple reason that, if male someone asks "Holly, are you single?" I could simply reply, "No!" Then the conversation would end right there, or at least shortly thereafter.

Since I am single, I normally answer "Yes" obviously or if it gets to the point where the person is really bothering me, then I say that I am currently seeing someone.

The problem is that some people assume that just because I am single, means I must want to date in general and specifically, date them! More often than not, the answer is that I have no interest what so ever in dating them.

Every once in a while, I get someone who just doesn't get the hint and will not leave me alone. This is when I call in my guys friends to act as my so called "bodyguards." I had to do this several weeks ago and bribed my close friend with a homemade dinner and drinks. He thankfully, accepted the offer.

Single Women Problemssss!