I got a call a couple weeks ago from the National Marrow Donor Program telling me that I've been matched with a 21-year-old woman who desperately needs bone marrow to live. The process isn't as simple as being matched and then donating. There are other things involved, like additional blood-work and a physical to make sure that I am the absolute best match.

Since getting the call, I've gotten way more serious about getting control of my weight because I'm right on the cusp of the weight limit for my height and weight and if I go over that weight limit, I won't be able to donate, which would crush me to know that I was possibly the reason someone didn't get a second chance at life.

Whether you want to drop some pounds for a medical reason, or so that you look better in warmer weather clothes, BuzzFeed has some great ideas of how to achieve your goal, and the best part is that they come from former couch potatoes.

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    Set Your Eyes on Something

    When you set your eyes on something, or make a target, it's easier to hold yourself accountable. So, pick a weight, or pant size that you want to be and keep notes. Take photos before, during, and after. Take daily measurements, and be sure to jot down your weight each day.  Sometimes it might not feel like you've lost anything when in fact, you have. Keeping track will keep you motivated.

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    Eat Right

    One of the best pieces of advice that I ever got about food was that if you're going to eat something with carbs, you need to balance it out with protein. If you're exercising, but not eating right- you're pretty much undoing everything.

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    Drink Water

    When you feel yourself wishing for a snack, reach for water instead. Not only is water an awesome (and free) belly filler, but it'll keep you hydrated.

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    Allow Yourself Some Rewards

    I think one of the biggest reasons that diets fail is because people punish themselves and purge all treats from their life and then have intense cravings and throw their dieting to the wind in favor of delicious snacks. Don't cut the junk food completely from your diet- treat yourself to a sweet or chips every once in a while.

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    Grab a Buddy

    It's so much easier to be held accountable when you have a friend along for the ride. Pick someone you know will hold you accountable, but encourage you at the same time and that person will make you want to work harder to achieve your goal because you won't want to let your friend down.