What's going on?

Another Valentine's Day Is over
I had a nice Valentine's Day. I'm a procrastinator most of the time, but this year I was ready well beforehand. Everything went off without a hitch, kind of.
Woman Finds Worms in Her Eyes
This morning, I had a Strange But True story about a woman who found 14 live worms in her eye. I've been freaked out since I found the story. See pictures here.
Win Tickets All This Week
This week we are giving away tickets to see Ozzy, The Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton, and comedian Lewis Black. Here are the times to be listening to win
Sundays Without Football
Are you suffering from football withdrawal? After 17 weeks of exciting action, then 3 weeks of sudden death playoffs and then the Superbowl, Sundays feel empty
Valentine's Day Facts
Valentine's Day is this Wednesday. How much do people spend on Valentines Day on average? Is getting married on Feb. 14th wise? Are people tired of V-Day?
The Games Have Begun
The Winter Olympics are underway in South Korea. I didn't realize they had started already until I saw curling on TV last night.
New Startling Fact About Drivers
I almost ran a red light in J.C. on my way home from work on Tuesday. I was distracted. See what distracted me and check out a scary distracted driving stat.
Cleavage for a Cause
There is a movement on Instagram designed to make women feel better about their bodies. I think it's so awesome, I'm going to sign up for Instagram today.
That Woman Is a Man
Wednesday morning, I had a Strange But True story about a guy who posed as a woman in a beauty contest and made it to the final stages. See the pictures here.
What Is the Whiskey Tango Sideshow?
After giving away tickets to see this show, I had many people ask me exactly what the show was about? I wasn't sure so I reached out to one the members to ask.
Are You Missing Some Channels?
Fox 40 and their sister station, My 8, have been temporarily pulled from Spectrum Cable. Who's fault is it? It depends on who you ask. But what if.....
I've been an Eagles fan all my life. We finally win the Super Bowl on our third try. The monkey is finally off our backs. Here is what I thought of the game.
Please Let the Third Time Be a Charm
They say "third times a charm", I sure hope that is true on Sunday. My favorite team, The Eagles are playing in their 3rd Super Bowl, & have yet to win one.
Saving Lives Day 2; We Need Your Help
Today is the final day of the St. Jude Radiothon. Please join me in becoming a member of hope. It will help save children's lives. Get all the info here.
What Is Binghamton Known For?
Did you tell a visitor what Binghamton was known for? We had to do that today for the employees of St. Jude. Here is what we came up with. What are we missing?