What's going on?

Cheap Lunch Tomorrow (Thursday)
This Thursday you can enjoy cheap food all day long at Sonic and maybe win a $250. gift card too. Here's how. And if you win the gift card, you owe me lunch.
Is Pabst Blue Ribbon Going Away?
If PBR is your beer of choice, you might want to enjoy it while you still can. Pabst is in a lawsuit with MillerCoors right now and if they lose...
Gertrude Hawk Tours This Saturday
If you ever wondered how a chocolate factory operates, you can find out this Saturday. Gertrude Hawk will be holding their free bi-annual open house tour.
Need Extra Cash for the Holidays?
Are you starting to stress out wondering where you will come up with money for holiday shopping? We might be able to help with that.
Shelter Slam Part 2 This Saturday
If you could save animals lives by listening to music, would you do it? Well, here is your chance to do just that. Details on Shelter Slam this Saturday.
Why I like Doing the Food-A-Bago
My friends always tell me they feel bad for me having to work extra hours at the Food-A-Bago and I tell them not to. I enjoy doing it and here's why.
My Review of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
For the last eight months or so, November 2nd has been circled on my calendar with the words "Queen Movie" written on the date. We watched it Friday night.