What's going on?

Let the Madness Begin
Last year, one of the teams I picked to make it to the Championship Game, got knocked out opening weekend. I don't have much faith in my picks this year either.
One Year Ago Today Stella Came to Town
Today marks the one year anniversary of one of the biggest snowfalls in Binghamton's history. Here's my look back including snow totals and video of downtown.
St. Patrick's Day Is This Saturday
I've been celebrating St. Patrick's day for the last two weekends and the big day is this Saturday. The big question is where to go on St. Patrick's Day?
My Lazy 23 Hour Sunday
What did you do with the extra hour of sunlight yesterday? I used it as a day of rest. That seemed like a good idea, but it did cause a problem.
I Can't Wait for Tomorrow Night
When you think of parties at churches, you don't think they would be fun. But the St. Patrick's Day party at my church is a blast. Here's what we will be doing
Spring Starts in 11 Days... Kind Of
The Calendar says that Spring starts a week from Tuesday. But, for the Binghamton Area, when will it feel like Spring. Here's what I'm looking forward to.
Daylight Savings Time Starts This Weekend
Daylight Savings Time starts again this Sunday. A new study asked people how long it takes them to get used to the time change, and if we should stop doing it.
Snow Storms Affect Local Blood Supply
Snowstorms limit the ability of the Red Cross to collect blood. Here is a story about a young boy from our area that you can help by rolling up your sleeve.
Heart Transplant Recipient Runs a 10K
A heart transplant recipient decided to run a 10k race. He was greeted at the finish line by the donors Father. It's a feel-good Strange But True from Tuesday.
Another Parade Day Has Come and Gone
We survived another St. Patrick's Day Parade in Binghamton. Thousands braved the cold to enjoy the parade. Here are pictures taken from inside the Whale Van.
It Was One of Those Days
Did you ever have one of those days where you are at work and you are constantly getting hit with stuff from every direction? Today was my day today.
Bars from Binghamton's Past
Another bar has closed it's doors in our area. It made me think of some cool bars that no longer exist in Binghamton. Check them out here. Who are we missing?