What's going on?

Ambulance or Uber?
I had a Strange But True story this morning about people opting to take an Uber car instead of an ambulance when they need to go to the hospital.
My Christmas Wish for You
I'm on vacation until after Christmas so I wanted to pass my Christmas greeting on to you now. So here is my wish for you.
The Downside of Owning vs Renting
The nice part of renting is the landlord takes care of the repairs. When you own a home, it's all you. We had a plumbing issue that we thought would be costly.
Christmas as a Child
I looking back at memories of my childhood. I remember the wonderful feeling that would come over me when I saw the presents under the tree. Here's a look back.
My Vacation next Week
I'm on vacation next week. I'm looking forward to the time off to re-charge my batteries and catch up on sleep. Plus I have shopping to do. Here's the plan.
Cats and Christmas Trees
Cats and Christmas trees don't always make a great combination. When I was young, we had a cat that decided he wanted to climb the tree. That didn't go well.
My Holiday Memories
I love reminiscing this time of year. Thinking back to Christmases from long ago. One of my favorite parts back then was the family putting up the tree.
Hanukkah Starts Tonight at Sunset
Hanukkah, the Festival Of Lights, starts tonight at sundown. I never knew any Jewish people growing up. Here's how I learned about the Jewish religion.
Holiday Movies
The Holidays are all about tradition. Every year, I watch a handful of holiday movies. One of them is my favorite movie of all time. Do you watch these too?
We Found a Tree
Every year we put up a real tree at our house for Christmas. This year, we decided to cut down our own. Check out the before and after pictures of our live tree