What's going on?

My Mobile Phone Works on Toilet Paper
Anyway, I found several threads about mobile phone screens fading out like mine. Many didn't help, but one had an interesting video on how to fix it
The Return of Fall Whale Events
Summer is not even here yet, but we are already thinking about the Fall season. the reason? We have some cool events scheduled that include you!
Adventures with a Lawnmower
Truth time. I'm sitting at my desk at work, looking at a blank screen, trying to think of something to blog about.
Moonshine Has It's Own Day
Seems everything has its own day, and I'm not sure why, but who am I to question it?Today (June 5th) is National Moonshine Day. Is that legal?
Celebrate 'National Brown Bag It' Day
Figures. The day finally comes where we are to celebrate 'National Brown Bag It' Day, and I didn't bring any lunch to work. Cancel the celebration.