What's going on?

A Benefit For Derrick
Back in the late 80s or early 90s, (I forget the exact year) a person came to me inquiring about becoming a radio personality.
Glass, Gas And How I Spent My Weekend
My hope was for a dry, sunny, somewhat warm day with a bit less mud around the camper from the relentless rain we've endured from spring to fall. Well, at least the hope was there.
The Season For Snow Is Here
Why is we become so obsessed with the first sighting of snow around this time each year? It doesn't bring happiness does it?
What Goes on During Whale Weekends
I was thinking it's time to remind the Whale Nation about some of the great things that go on during the weekends here at 99.1 The Whale.
Let's Play Triple Cities Remember When (Part 1)
I'm feeling nostalgic today. OK, the older I get, the more I look pack into the past, and remember fondly (also not so fondly) about things and places that were a part of our lives.
Are We Really Working For The Weekend?
Weekends. They are meant for relaxing, time off work, getting things done around the home, or one of many options that don't involve your job. Well...
Don't Leave Home, Bring Life to You
Think back to the 1960s. Compared to today, life was much simpler, but at the same time much more all hands on deck. We moved about more. Not so much today.