Parts of Northern Colorado are seriously considering seceding from the state to form their own state. They feel as if they aren't being represented in state government and are fed up. Hmmm.

After I read the story about unrest up there, I thought about us. Let's face it, the state doesn't care much for us or take care of the Southern tier as it should. If it did, we would have more jobs, better infrastructure and be thriving. But, we are too "backwoods" for Albany. At least that's what I see and hear.

I think a good idea would be for most of the Southern Tier and Bradford, Tioga and Susquehanna Counties in Pennsylvania to join us. We all get no respect from our states anyway! remember, we are smack in the middle of one of the most important trucking routes in the country. We are a hub for many destinations and that gives us leverage.

We could start fresh, build the economy we want and take care of our people. But what we would call ourselves? I say "Tier". It's weird, but who would forget it?