You may have heard about the incident during the Sprint Cup race this weekend when 2nd place Joey Logano was taken out by 72 year old Morgan Shepherd. The incident has opened up a big ol' can of worms.

Let's face it, 72 is pretty old to be racing in NASCAR. And motor skills and vision are greatly affected by age. Whether or not Shepherd's being loose or is age "caused" the wreck, that is the conversation.

My dad knew when to stop driving. He said he didn't feel comfortable enough because of his reduced reaction time. I don't blame him. With all the selfish drivers on the road, he did the right thing!

But, you don't drive at speeds of 130 mph or higher on the highways. You do in NASCAR. And you only have a split second to react to things when they happen.

When deciding, get the emotional "I hate him he's whiner" and "he sucks because he isn't my driver" and my favorite "your dissing a friend of Dale Senior's" off the table. They have no place in any rational conversation.

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