I have been watching the circus surrounding Lance Armstrong for a few years now.
Here is a cancer survivor who went on to win not one, but SEVEN Tour De France races. He's an American, so that was a bonus when rooting for him.

Then, his fellow competitors and teammates were accused of doping abuses. Floyd Landis, a teammate, was banned and stripped of wins. He denied the charges over and over until, finally, he told the truth. Then he went a step further and pointed a finger at Lance Armstrong. Oh no!

Oh yes. Before the media got wind of it, the rumor was floated everywhere Lance raced.
Finally, according to the USADA, it wasn't a rumor. Lance Armstrong, the king of cycling, was the focus of an investigation. What they turned up led to his downfall. Pages and pages of documents showed how Lance doped.

Armstrong denied it. And denied it. And lied to investigators. His wins were stripped from him, endorsements dumped him. He had to leave Livestrong, the mega charity that he founded.

Now, Lance Armstrong has sat down with Oprah Winfrey (weird, but ok) to tell the truth. He DID dope. Many believe it is in the hopes of salvaging his career or his life. The question before us now is: do we forgive him? I say hell no! I have NO sympathy for a guy given oodles of chance to come clean. He was just saving his ass by lying and that is what he is doing by  talking to Oprah. Click to see the video of the interview here.  Thanks Oprah.com!

You know my opinion, now it's time to share yours.