During the Bills game on Sunday, TV viewers got more than they bargained for when CBS' cameras caught a fan falling from the 3rd deck stands.

It doesn't say if the man was drunk, but reports do point out he was "unruly." The fan was mostly uninjured due to landing on another fan, who unfortunately was injured.

In the last few years, there have been over 24 incidents like this. The result is usually the death of the falling fan, so the Buffalo dude was lucky! It also results in a ban for the surviving fans, just like in this case.

I read that Rob Hopkins, as we can now identify him, was fired from his job because of the incident. No criminal charges have been filed and it's not like the world knew who he worked for. More and more, employers are watching your private life and using it against you.

If you have an employee handbook, you will probably be surprised to find a "code of conduct" clause in it that allows you to be fired upon breaking it. But is that fair or even legal? Fair? Not really. Legal? Absolutely.