Do you wish the big game was on Saturday instead of Sunday? I know, right? Wouldn't it be so much easier to stay up and watch it and be able to enjoy the game and the entertainment without constantly glancing at the clock and thinking about how awful Monday morning will be? ESPN asked a bunch of people their thoughts on moving the big game to Saturday, and their answer probably won’t surprise you.

57%of people polled by ESPN say they want the big game moved to Saturday. The only thing I'm surprised by is that the number isn't higher.

Now, here's where things get a little interesting- the vote was split almost exactly down the center of the country. Almost every state in the Eastern and Central time zones said they want the game Saturday and almost every state in Mountain and Pacific said they're okay with keeping it on Sunday.

I mean, it does make sense. The game ends earlier in the night in the Mountain and Pacific areas, which means that people there have more time to sober up and get a full night of sleep, while those of us in other time zones don't have the same luxury.

What do you think?

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