There's a story in the news lately about a local non profit Christian Organization in Vestal who is seeking a zoning variance  to open a rehabilitation center for women with addictions or emotional disorders.

A trial may soon get underway in the  battle between the Town of Vestal and Candlehouse Teen Challenge, a nonprofit Christian organization seeking to open a rehabilitation center for women with addictions or emotional disorders.



According to the article in today's Press and Sun Bulletin,  Candlehouse’s request was denied because the proposed rehab center violated Vestal’s zoning and building codes, primarily because the Mirador Drive property is in a restrictive residential zoning designation, court documents said.

Candlehouse has filed federal lawsuits seeking $300,000 in damages.  Town officials have estimated the cost could rise above $100,000 after a trial next month.

Here's my thought.... why not put the drug rehab center somewhere else??
I saw somewhere, and I may be wrong on the exact figure, that it was going to cost like 200-K to build the center anyway? So... why not buy a building in a properly zoned area, and start helping the kids there?

If I was a homeowner in that section of town, I would be angry too! I agree these kids need help, lots and lots of help.  Drugs are rampant in our area and we need to do what we can to get these kids help.


These homeowners bought their homes in the area in which they did for a reason. Whether it to be closer to a certain school, raise their children, to be near a church. They also bought their home with the thought that maybe, down the road, they would be able to sell their home for more money than they paid for it.

What do you think the value of their homes will be, or the likelihood that they will be able to get the cash that they had envisioned, out of it... if a drug rehab center is next door?

There are zoning regulations in place for a reason, and it's to protect the integrity of the surrounding neighborhood. I agree these kids need help, but I have to disagree with the premise to put this type of center in a residential local, such as what is being proposed in the Town of Vestal.

I'm wondering if you have any opinion on this?  Do you have any solutions?  What would you think or feel if a drug rehab was constructed next to your home?