Last night was a very cool night to be walking the streets of downtown Greene. Why you ask?  The Sherwood Hotel turned 100 years old!

The Sherwood Hotel has been a mainstay in downtown Greene, NY for almost forever it seems. It's kind of like a downtown anchor store. Unfortunately that anchor has been closed for sometime.... BUT NOT ANYMORE!

I am so happy that the Sherwood Hotel is set to reopen for good in June. Dj and Amanda Dunlap bought the hotel back in October and have been working to fix the interior. And so far, I really like what I have seen.



Big Wally


Last night The Sherwood  Celebrated it's centennial with a 16-piece band, food, drink and free tours.  And that coincided with the monthly downtown Greene Art Walk made for an incredible night,  viewing local artisans handcrafted wares, visiting with old friends, making new ones, and strolling amongst the flowering Bradford Pear Trees.

The Sherwood Hotel still needs a few touches, and is expected to open at the end of June. It will need up to 30 new employees, so anyone interested can attend a job fair, At the Sherwood Hotel on Genesee Street in Greene,  Saturday, May 25. Details to follow.



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Soon.... the porch at the Sherwood Hotel will be open, and that is something I have been waiting for, for a long time! NIce! Just in time for the classic car cruise ins.