I had the luck of growing up in a town that captured much of its history in pictures and film. When I wanted to learn more about my home, all I had to do was go to the library and enjoy.

Binghamton is very rich in history, but it can be tough to find pictures or historical records that are easily shared. College students that make their home here, no matter how temporary, and other "transplants" would benefit from getting to know their new area better. I know I did when I came here.

Knowing "where you come from" creates a deep pride and respect. So, I am asking you to help share those feelings. Send us pictures of what is iconic about your town. You can do so on here or through our Facebook pages. Email me if you like, too.

This all came about because my husband sang the Fraley Amusement Park jingle yesterday. I went online to find it or pictures of the park and I couldn't. It was sad that it seems to only exist in memories.

I will collect the photos and your stories and make a memory book for all of the world to see! Brag away.