In my recent research inquires about odd sex toys online, I came across a sex toy for dogs called the Hotdoll. It is the first of it's kind. I have personally only had female dogs but have been privy to being humped by male friends dogs. Seeing as I'm the person I am, this never particularly bothered me and it was actually quite comical. However, I am aware that there are people with male dogs, and other people in general who might visit their house and not find this funny at all. Furthermore, if your dog humps your guests and refuses to stop, I can see how that would be quite the predicament. With that being said, if your dog is an avid humper of people,. pillows and other objects, perhaps it's time you get them a Hotdoll!

The Hotdoll was designed by the French and is made for the convenience of you and the comfort of your pet. Much like training a dog to go to the bathroom outside, the Hotdoll works in the same fashion. The toy looks like a small dog and is primarily made out of  silicone. Just show your dog that the Hotdoll is for his sexual needs and purposes and he will stop using other objects as targets. Of course, if your dog is using his toy excessively, you may want to contact your vet! For more on Hotdoll's and to purchase one for your dog today, click here!