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Hello... The Turkey day Holiday is over and so is the Big Guy's (mine) birthday,  so the tractor is once again hitched back to the weight loss wagon.
I sort of ate like a mini glutton on Turkey day, (Not Gonna Lie!)


So here's what I did this week. I started eating correctly again on Monday and started back to the gym on Tuesday. (Man, it sounds like a broken record, but I think we all go through this)

The one thing I find that helps keep me on track with my diet, believe it or not, is exercise. Exercising helps me burn more calories and gives me a nice buffer zone, in case I eat a little more than I am supposed each day.

It also keeps me motivated, knowing that it takes 30 minutes of rigorous work on the stair-master to negate the calories consumed in say, just 3 beers.

According to,  Walking just 30-minutes a day can burn up to or more than 300 calories. The problem is, that exercising can be boring. So how do we solve the boredom
Here's a short list of some fun leisure activities and the calories burned while having fun with these activities.

1) Bowling
Just one hour of bowling and you can burn 180 unwanted calories.  Just forgo the 6 Buds and hot wings, and you'll be good.

2) Fishing

If you love to fish, then this is the perfect outside activity to burn calories.  Even just a half an hour can burn up to 100 calories.  Of course avoidance of the fish fry and beer blast at the end of the day may have to be modified.

3) Golf

30 minutes on a driving range and you can burn almost 100 calories.
Make it a full game of golf and in 30 minutes you can shed 115 calories using a cart or forego the cart and burn up to 165 calories in just 30 minutes.  Of course, the full course may take longer then 30 minutes.  Good news is that means you will burn even more calories with this fun activity. As for the consumption of certain beverages, refer to #1 and #2)

4) Bicycling
Go on a bike ride and enjoy the weather.  Go with a friend and find a good riding path so you can make the most out of this fun activity.  Even just 15 minutes of a leisurely bike ride can burn 75 calories.  (of course I really wouldn't recommend doing this in a snowstorm)

5) Hockey

If you love to skate and always fantasized about being a star, find a frozen pond and try this activity to burn calories and play out your fantasy.  In as little as 30 minutes with this sport you could burn 300 calories. Make sure the ice is the proper thickness, or maybe you should just stick to bowling instead.

6) Racquetball

This fun sport is another high calorie burning activity.  In just 30 minutes of a fun and friendly game you could be burning over 300 calories.  Go for an hour and you will burn over 600 calories. And if you don't twist and ankle or get hit in the nads, you will be flying to weight loss town.

69) Sex

Sex can be a sport, right? (I believe Holly Dagger would say it is) Anyway.... Sex can burn as much as 144 calories for a half hour. And even more if you are doing it with another person! (haha, a little joke there)

So the point I am trying to make is, it's better to something for a little while, then to do nothing at all.  And if you can sneak a little nookie in there, it's never a bad thing.....

Peace Out,  Cub Scout...