I'm still trying to get over the most brutal wave of the flu to ever hit me. This has been a knock down, no good, drag out- awful time. It showed up in the middle of a perfectly good day and took me out in one fell swoop.

Nausea has taken up residence in the black pit of my stomach and even now, five days later, just the thought of food makes my stomach churn and my body sweat.

What makes all of this so much worse is that my husband told me over the weekend that he wasn't feeling well, but I didn't believe him. And now I feel like the worst wife in the world. I was positive that Jay had simply eaten something that didn't agree with his stomach and that he'd be better the next day, and so I pushed him to get errands done on Saturday without fully comprehending the agony he was in.  And then I got mine.

One of the big reasons I didn't believe Jay when he said he wasn't feeling well is that it seems like something is always irritating his stomach and I was positive he was using that as an excuse to curl up on the couch and catch up on episodes of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

Wrong again.

According to a Science Daily, “man flu” is real. Researchers found that estrogen, the female hormone actually protects women from the influenza virus, but because men don't have much estrogen floating around in their bloodstream, they end up being more susceptible to the flu and end up experiencing more severe symptoms of the illness.

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