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Here's a story that hits you right in the heart strings, and is what Christmas is all about.


Creative Holiday Displays....



A Missouri family has come up with the coolest Christmas display ever!  It depicts Santa as a hunter with a deer, bleeding out and  hanging by its hooves from a tree.
Stacie Kurtz – whose father created the display as part of the family’s traditional “Gaudy Christmas” theme at their Arnold home – said the image of Santa holding a rope attached to the hanging deer in lights is supposed to depict a “Santa who went hunting.”

I'm surprised that this type of display hasn't already popped up in Smithville Flats, Newark Valley or Brackney!
“We live in Jefferson County. We`re a hunting a community. You see the real ones hanging from people’s garage after they’ve gotten their big kill of the season. So what’s so wrong about a fake one?” Kurtz said. Another bleeding deer display across town was set up as a prank on a neighbor, who responded with a display depicting Santa Claus relieving himself, with dripping yellow lights.

I charge you, Southern Tier, Northern Tier and Greater Binghamton, Holiday light practitioners. Can you duplicate or come up with a more creatively gaudy Christmas Display. Send in your pics to (bigwally991@hotmail.com)

It can be a hunting theme like above,  Christmas penguins getting eaten by a whale, maybe some elves having their way with Mrs. Clause. Whatever it is, it's gotta be good... and we may post your pics for all to see!

Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!


Thanks to UPI.com for the heads up on this story.