Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Whale Weekend themes.
Funny how they happen every week, right?
That means we need to come up with another idea each week, and for us, it's a task that takes forever to complete.
Basically that's because it interferes with our mid-morning breakfast breaks, lunchtime, midday nap, late afternoon snack time and of course trying to sneak out early from work.

This week's them kind of fell into our laps.
Lee Ann was reading about how the Rolling Stones '50 Years of Satisfaction' exhibit at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame opens May 24th, and that it's the first ever Stones Exhibit  at the Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

I immediately stood up (OK, sat up straight - standing takes too much energy) and stated "weekend theme done - it's The Rolling Stones.
For you - hourly double-shots of tunes throughout the weekend from the Stones.