There was massive reaction yesterday to Rolling Stone magazine's choice of cover for August. It features Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. His being on the cover, however was not what the uproar is about, it is the way he looks. They made him look like a rock star.

Some compared the cover to the one featuring Jim Morrison. All I know is, yes, it made him look good. And with teenage girls creating fan clubs for this scumbag, it bothers me, and apparently most of America.

The question is, how did this happen? Well, we let it happen. Instead of focusing on issues, fixing the Country, family and things that truly matter, Americans worship anything the media asks them to. Kim Kardashian, The Real Housewives of wherever, what famous person is cheating on who and any person getting 15 minutes of fame become our focus at the drop of a hat (Octomom anyone??).

We focus on our cells and tablets instead of the real relationships that sit in front of us. Hell, many people even text during sex. So what the hell do you expect Rolling Stone to do? Yes, I used the word "hell"! I am angry as hell at the dumbing down of America that is our fault!

As long as we buy these magazines, watch these shows and talk about them on social media and let the powers that be feed us this junk, Rolling Stone will have every right to make Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a pop culture poster boy.

You can try and place the blame elsewhere, but it isn't. The pop culture "business" is about money. They give us what sells. And the bulk of America wants to know every second of what a pop culture person's life is like. We even happily bought tabloids that had Michael Jackson death pictures in it! The blame is squarely ours.

If that makes you angry, what are you going to do to change it?

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