There is no doubt Robin Williams was the Bob Hope of our time. He was, dare I say it, much more too.

He could be on TV, in children's movies, in a dark thriller, a comedy, dramatic film, or simply do standup with such ease that it was hard to comprehend.

Williams' talent was beyond measure, as was his ability to touch our souls. He started in standup and then took TV by storm before hitting the big screen.

Here are some of his best TV moments.

Let us know some of your favorite moments too. Post video in the comment section.

  • 1

    The Richard Pryor Show

    In the mid 70's Williams was making waves in the stand up world. He was rewarded with his first TV appearance. It was a small part, but there he was. (1977)

  • 2

    Happy Days: Mork

    In 1979, Happy Days decided to get a little "left field" so they brought in an alien. One Mork from Ork. Robin Williams was magnificently funny alongside Henry Winkler.

  • 3

    Mork & Mindy

    The character of Mork was so successful on Happy Days, that it was spun off into it's own series with Pam Dawber playing opposite him as Mindy.

    Williams' insanely wonderful comedic talent was let loose.

  • 4

    Law & Order: SVU

    Robin Williams ultimate TV roll, for me, was a deadly serious one.

    Williams had always wanted to play a live action version of Batman nemesis The Riddler, so he took his cues from the character to play the part of Merrit Rook.

    This roll is an intense as it gets. Here's a glimpse.

  • 5

    Comic Relief

    Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Crystal hosted this telethon to help the nation's homeless. This was comedy's "our generation" heyday.