The beauty of Robin Williams was that he could do anything. Ask him to do comedy? Second nature! Drama? Bring it on! Family movies? You got it!

Some of the best modern family films had Robin Williams either in it or voicing a character. Here's a look at some of his best, as we continue to celebrate the life of an icon.

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    Robin Williams became beloved by so many kids thanks to this role. And as far as adults, changed the way we think of genies forever!! Disney + Robin Williams = Genius.

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    Peter Pan is one of my favorite childhood characters, so when "Hook" was made, I was psyched! Robin Williams played the man finding his true Peter Pan brilliantly. This is my favorite scene.

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    Seriously. The remake of the classic movie was fun to watch! Never saw it? Give it a look.

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    Happy Feet

    Again lending his voice to a children's animated movie, Williams hit a home run with kids and adults alike.

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    Mrs. Doubtfire

    So many people could relate to this movie that Robin Williams became a family member to millions in a little over an hour. This is not Williams best, but it is endearing for sure.